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June 24 - July 26: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 - 13:00

Please note that all requests for help should be directed to MathHand.

SSH, file transfer and batch servers

There are two batch servers for heavy processing (Matlab etc.) and on shell server for light work. The batch servers are and, with request for access,, the shell server is

To connect to a shell or batch server from your Unix / GNU/Linux / MacOS X computer, run:

    kinit -f username@KTH.SE;
    ssh -o GSSAPIAuthentication=yes -o GSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes -o GSSAPIKeyExchange=yes \

To connect to the batch server from a Windows computer, use a program like PuTTY or similar to connect to the server and then from there use the above instructions to connect to the batch servers. Alternatively, use the web based access.

File transfer

Files may be accessed through the SFTP and SCP server. The server is called (See IT help about SFTP and SCP for more information.)

You could also access our AFS file servers directly. This gives a more seamless integration with your desktop. We have a brief guide to how you install and use on Windows.


You can connect to KTH using VPN aswell. There are instructions on lan about vpn. This information is only in Swedish for now.

TeX Live

Documentation for the new TeX Live distribution (containing updated version of TeX and LaTeX tools) can be found here:


Configure Alpine to print

To be able to print from Alpine you need to comment the line saying
in the configuration file.

Configuring colours in Alpine and PuTTY

For instructions on how to configure the colours in Pine/Alpine go here.
For instructions about how to configure the coulours in PuTTY go here.


See the help database (in Swedish)..

Free text search:

Of special interest might be:

There is also a short introduction to the file system AFS. In the mathhand room, we also have a short guide to writing in LaTeX available on paper.